A Good Restaurant is Hard to Find

Feargal Sharkey couldn’t have said it better. We went for a nice meal at our (previously) favourite restaurant last night and today I am in mourning.

A couple months ago, a new restaurant opened in town. It promised to be a classy joint, but the service and the food was just not up to scratch. The menu was lame, the execution mediocre and the service…juvenile.

Yes, I’m a total food snob…

  • Larousse Gastronomique is not a surgical technique
  • There is no terrine in ATV
  • Pépin is not a former small forward for the Chicago Bulls

Anyway, we accepted the fact that the new restaurant wasn’t going to do it for us, but took comfort in knowing we had a good standby, though we were aware that their head waiter —a seriously gifted service professional —was planning to move away.

Carolyn’s been travelling a lot lately, so last night was our first opportunity to go back for a meal. Things have slipped. The service has become satisfactory, the prices have gone up and, worst of all, they’ve decided to adopt some practices from their new competition.

Most half-decent French-style restaurants serve bread, but the new place thinks they’re cool by serving bread WITH olives and a vinaigrette. Okay, whatever. The old place has started doing this. How spineless and short sighted. I’m sure that they’ve lost some business recently as people go to check out the new place, but if they stuck to their guns and maintained their level of service, the customers would quickly come back. If the old waiter was still there, I doubt that this would have happened.