Modes of transportation

I travel a lot as part of my job with Grenfell. Mostly my travels take me within Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia, with an odd trip elsewhere.

Throughout my travels I have experienced all kinds of things. I have flown to Southern Labrador on a plane that COULD carry 6 people (without luggage); driven hours on a dirt road to Cartwright; taken a 5 minute, 7 car ferry where I had to drive my vehicle up wooden planks to get on; been carried to work on a snowmobile; and today I have been driven around in a golf cart and transported by a hand pulled ferry that could fit a maximum of 4 golf carts (absolutely no room left over).

I am currently in Belize recruiting students with Linda from HEA and today we went to San Pedro Island, which is a 15 minute flight from Belize City. The mode of transportation on this island is primarily golf cart. Apparently we drove in one of best golf carts on the island – it was higher than most; however this did not prove to be a good thing today. Initially when we started our trek there were five of us all in the one golf cart, but because of its extra height, when we turned, it felt like it would tip over. Our experienced driver was even nervous, so finally she called to have another cart sent out for us.

While we were driving around, our driver kept talking about going on the ferry. Linda and I had no idea what she was talking about and obviously when we hear “ferry” we think a very large boat that takes cars. Well, the ferry ride was 60 seconds in length and was hand-pulled. The men who work on the ferry must really have impressive biceps. They squeeze four golf carts on at a time (if there are no bicycles or walkers) and we were reassured that there have only been a few mishaps of people tipping their golf carts into the water.

My description really doesn’t do justice to this experience. I took lots of pictures, so you’ll have to check our website in a few weeks.