I’m hungry

Okay. Airlines don’t serve meals on flights anymore and now you cannot even get food in the airport.

On my way to Belize I left my hotel in Halifax before 5am and grabbed a bagel along the way. I had to run to catch every connection that day, and finally I arrived at the hotel in Belize City just after 5pm, which is 7pm atlantic time, and the only thing I ate in transit was a teeney, tiny bag of pretzels. Well, fair enough, I had tight connections.

Today I flew from Belize to Miami and I had a 3 hour stopover before my flight to Cancun. Miami airport is massive, but there are hardly any food places. I stood in line for over 20 minutes, after walking to several different concourses in search of a good food selection, and I ordered two grilled chicken pita combos. Without apologizing or smiling, she stated that they were all out of grilled chicken and steak, which wiped out about 80% of their menu.

Don’t we live in a convenience world? Why is it so impossible to get something sensible to eat while flying!