Be smart. When flying, pack necessities in your carry on.

I arrived in Belize for work and my luggage didn’t arrive with me. I arrive at my hotel 5:15 PM and had to be at an official work reception that started at 6PM. After traveling for more than 12 hours, I had no time to shower and to top it off, I didn’t even have a change of clothes. Luckily I wore black dress pants on the plane and a blouse. My colleague Linda said, "Didn’t you at least bring your cosmetic bag in your carry on? Every girl carries that with them." Well, I must not be that smart!

I went through the following day of meetings in the same clothes and my black boots. I had nightmares of going through the next week of meetings in the same clothes and sitting by pool in the same clothes.

I am now traveling to Cancun, I’m wearing black pants and a blouse again {with sandels this time}, but I learned my lesson - my shorts are in my carry on!!