Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for. In my previous post I talked about my trip to Belize and the lack of time I had between flights. On my return from Mexico I did not have this problem. On Monday, February 28, I flew from Veracruz to Mexico City where I had a 4.5 hour stopover. I then flew from Mexico City to Toronto where I had to overnight. At 5AM on Tuesday morning I made my way to Toronto Airport where to my disappointment my 7:10AM flight was cancelled and they had me re-booked on a flight the following day!! Instead of getting home at 1:15PM on Tuesday, I was now scheduled to get home the following afternoon at 3:30PM.

Toronto was experiencing a "snow storm" or that’s what they called it anyway. I was so excited about going home that after finding this out I thought I was just going to start bawling while I was talking to the Air Canada lady. After I did have my own private little cry (on the phone with Jim) I was then interviewed by Global about my sucky predicament…I made the cut and was on the Toronto news. My quote of the day was "I already had
my little cry, so I’m okay now." I don’t make a habit out of being interviewed on camera, but I think I just wanted to have something to laugh about.

I ended up going standby on an earlier flight and got on a 9AM flight (well, we sat on the runway for over an hour) as far as Halifax. I then spent a joyous 9 hours at the Halifax airport, but luckily got on the 10:30PM flight to Deer Lake. Needless to say, I had lots of opportunity to sit and have a meal.

I arrived at Deer Lake airport at 12:45AM and my trip ended like it began - with no luggage. After the kind of day I had, I was not surprised and I honestly did not care about this inconvenience because I was home with my husband whom I had missed incredibly and nothing else mattered (Ahhhhh).