Go crazy? Don’t mind if I do.

Every day, Carolyn and/or I go to a local soccer pitch and give Chiko a run with the frisbee. The field is up on a hill overlooking the city; it’s in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees. This time of year, it can be difficult even getting across the parking lot since it isn’t plowed in the winter.

While we were there today, we saw two people walk down the road and turn into the parking lot by the field. It was a very large man and a woman carrying a purse. They struggled across the parking lot and slowly made their way between the end of the field and the woods. Their progress was slow and they weren’t dressed for the expedition. With every step they sank through the thin crust of snow.

Where were they going? They seemed like high schoolers trying to find a quiet place to make out or something. Was the man luring the woman to eventual rape and murder (we took careful note of their appearance, just in case)? Maybe they were just crazy. Yeah, that’s it. Two crazy people out for a crazy walk.