My new toy

Yesterday I bought a new vacuum clearner. Our old Kenmore upright had been on the way out since last summer and yesterday it took its last breath. I went out and splurged on a new Dirt Devil Ultra Vision Turbo.

Actually, I didn’t really splurge. I’m not one to break the bank on necessities, such as a vacuum. I set a $249.99 limit and the dirt devil was under budget at a mere $169 (at Wal-mart). I’ll keep you posted on its quality. After one use, I am quite pleased with my purchase, but keep in mind I am comparing it to my $149 Kenmore Vacuum (actually $299 regular price). The best feature of the dirt devil is it has a Turbo tool that is awesome for getting pet hair off the furniture. Also, it is bagless and you can actually see the dirt that is collecting inside, so it’s a great motivator for me.

Anyway, this post was not meant to be an advertisement for Dirt Devil. After buying new cleaning tools I tend to be little miss housecleaner. I am the model homemaker for a minimum of 1 full day and sometimes it even lasts a day longer. Last night Jim said he should make a point of buying me a new cleaning toy every couple of weeks and then we will have the best kept house in the city.