Kinesiology, Psychology and a minor in Chemistry

I was just listening to this crazy interview on local CBC radio. They were talking to two kids who recently attended a program for high school students to learn about university and university life.

When asked about where he was planning to attend university, the male student confidently said, "University of California". The interviewer asked why he planned on that particular university and the student said "it’s got all the stuff he wants, like MUN does."

The interview kept on like this: the female student had a pretty typical, expected response, but the male student always had something a little different.

Near the end of the interview, the male student was asked what career he was interested in. The conversation follows:

Student: WWE Wrestler.

Interviewer: (slightly flustered) Really? How will university help you with that?

Student: Well, all of the wrestlers have degrees. Plus, it’ll be good to fall back on after my wrestling career is over.

Interviewer: What do you plan on studying in University?

Student: Kinesiology, Psychology and a minor in Chemistry.

Interviewer: So, I guess you’ll use that to intimidate your opponents.

Student: Yeah, I’ll use all that psychology stuff to confuse them.

The female answered with her usual pragmatic, mature response and the interview ended. The funniest line came after. In the sting before the next segment, the show co-host demonstrated that she had not been listening to the previous interview at all. "Well Brian (interviewer), it seems to me that those two students don’t need much preparation for university life. They seem to know everything they need to, already." Gold.