JandC Guide to American Idol

For those of you who haven’t been following American Idol, Carolyn and I decided to make a little primer. These are only our opinions, but one of us is right on the money (me, Jim).

Carolyn Contestant Jim
Anthony totally annoys me AND he’s not the best singer either. My fear is that he will make it to the top five. Anthony Federov This kid is totally out of his league. Five years from now he’ll be programming at some small IT company.
Anwar is cute…puppy dog cute. He can sing, though I’m not a particular fan of his voice. Anwar Robinson My coffee table has more personality. He sings in tune and he looks like a soap opera star, but who cares. Gone in two, maybe 3 weeks max.
I like Bo. Bo is a pro star on stage. I probably wouldn’t buy his album, but I’m sure many people would. His name is weird. Bo Bice Great voice and he handles the stage like a veteran. I hope he goes far.
She will definitely be a country star whether she wins or not. She will be in the top two or three. She needs to watch the hairdos. Carrie Underwood Simon is right. This girl is definitely going to be huge. Blonde, all-American, Country…and she can sing! She will definitely win.
Constantine creeps me out. His performances have been improving, but I don’t want him to win. Constantine Maroulis Freaky looking, girly man. He has done a lot better over the past couple of weeks, but he’s faking it–he’s not a good singer.
Nadia is, by far, not the best singer, although she has star potential. She should stick with upbeat Tina Turner-type songs. Nadia Turner Looks deperate. For some reason, Nadia seems like she’s older than the rest and this is her last shot. She really can’t sing, but she’s a good performer. She’d do well in the TNL community musical.
Scott can sing, but he needs to get some more energy. He hasn’t been the best lately. Scott Savol I don’t know what’s going on with this guy. Early on it seemed that he had a golden voice, but now he’s singing like he looks: ugly. I’m pulling for you Scotty boy. Like Leonard Cohen said, "We are ugly, but we have the music."
I love Vonzell. She should definitely be in the top three. More upbeat, fun songs and fewer boring songs please. Vonzell Solomon Vonzell seems too nice to win. She can sing. She can really sing. She’ll probably go soon because she’s too boring.