The Head II

Gawd…what an idiot. They just had Ben Mulroney on The Roundup. The only thing bigger than that guy’s head is his ego. He was talking about Canadian Idol, being first-son, etc. Also, he’s the official celebrity for the Salvation Army Thrift Stores.

Things I learned from the interview:

  • He is really the director, producer, and overall creative force behind Idol, not just the host.

  • Some of the kids are ugly when they start the Idol process, but he can see how they’ll be beautiful when they get farther in the competition. "The only people that need to be beautiful are models. Musician’s have to be able to sing."
  • Did you know that he has even worn clothes from Sally Ann on Canadian Idol!! "But I didn’t tell anyone. Tihehe." Kids, it’s cool to wear clothes from Sally Ann, but whatever you do, don’t tell anyone.

His next project should be a Canadian version of The Simple Life. We don’t have any Hilton’s, so maybe Ben and Justin Trudeau.