The Dark Side

There is no question in my mind that Belinda Stronach belongs in the Liberal party. Her social views have always appeared to be left of her former party; more importantly, she shares the most prevalent Liberal instinct: opportunism.

CBC did a little Star Wars spoof this morning where Darth Martin lures Belinda Skywalker to the dark side. This couldn’t be more appropriate. The Liberal Party has had a stranglehold on government in Canada and the easy road to power has been through the Liberal Party. My guess is that Belinda Stronach would have run originally as a Liberal if the same opportunities at leadership had been available a couple years ago.

What’s troubling about these turns of events is the way that the Liberals are playing fast and loose with the functioning of our government. First, the Liberals make a multi-billion dollar change to their budget to get the NDP to prop them up. Now, they have handed an important cabinet portfolio to a political neophyte. Is this necessarily better than awarding government contracts for cash kick-backs?

Postscript: If there was any doubt about how opportunistic this move was for Stronach, consider that she consulted Brian Tobin about what she should do. I suspect that, like Tobin, her political career will end with a chairmanship at a company in the Stronach empire, not at 24 Sussex.