Say it ain’t so…

I was reading some of the transcripts from the Grewal Tapes. The bits about the Liberals promising him a reward for crossing the floor are interesting, but even more interesting is the gossip that fills the spaces between the negotiations. Check out this exchange between Gurmant Grewal and Ujjal Dosanjh on the day after Belinda Stronach crossed the floor:

GG - Hello, how are you ?
UD - Fine, how are you ? I didn’t know last night (about Belinda).
GG - No, no, you knew that.
UD - Honestly, I didn’t know this was.
GG - You indicated last night, I thought you knew it.
UD - I was told that someone was coming but I did not know who it was.
GG - It seems there might be some more…
UD - Those from New Foundland are suspected.
GG - It is difficult for them to decide how to vote.

There must have been a rumour that Norm Doyle and/or Loyola Hearn were thinking of jumping ship. Indeed, they were in a bit of a tight spot, but nothing that serious. Could there have been any truth to these rumors?