Aliant Sucks

I haven’t been blogging much lately. Nothing to say. So what has awakened the savage beast? Bad customer service: the reason blogs were created. In fact, I’ve created a new "They Suck" category to honour the occasion.

I’ve decided to do away with all things Rogers. I dumped my digital cable (sucked) and now I’m getting rid of my cable Internet (not bad, but too expensive). Now that Aliant controlled my land lines, cell phone and satellite TV, I couldn’t resist the low price offered on high speed internet through a "bundle." It’s been a while since Aliant really screwed me over (man, I cursed them when I was trying to get my business line installed. Idiots!), so I guess I forgot what was coming.

So, I order my high speed internet and they tell me I’ll get a package with my modem and stuff in the mail within a few days. A week or so later, I get a call saying, oops, we have to do something with the system, it’ll be another week or so before you get your stuff and set up your service.

Fine. I was supposed to have everything ready to go yesterday. In the mail today I received a single sheet of paper with my account information and password, but no hardware. I call them up and they’re all puzzled, ohhhh, for some reason we didn’t send you any hardware. Oops, we’ll send that right away.

Friggin’ Aliant.

Update: Got my modem this morning and everything is now up and running. The speed is f$#^$&#ing amazing! Of course, I do pay the extra $5 a month for a bandwidth upgrade. Good-bye Rogers.