Guitar Club

I know the first rule of Guitar Club is not to talk about Guitar Club, but I can’t help it.  Steve did such a good job of writing up the minutes, I thought it just had to be posted…

(Some names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

The following are the minutes for Guitar Club’s first weekly meeting, May 7th, 06, at 41 XXXXXXXX Road.

Meeting convened at 7:03 PM.

Members Present:  Steve P., Steve G., Jim Parsons

7:07  Steve G. submitted the first official Guitar Club song, a Neil Young number, whose name I can’t remember but I will add to the minutes at a later time.

7:28  Steve P. began his first submission…The River by Bruce Springsteen.  Mr. Parsons and Mr. G. objected to the "messiness" of the guitar sheet, requesting that Mr. P. bring a more polished copy for next week.  Mr. P. complimented Mr. G. on the tidiness of the above mentioned Neil Young number.

7:34  Some disgreement between Mr. G. and Mr. Parsons concerning how to play a Em7 cord properly.

7:42  Mr. P.’s song ended.  Mr. Parsons and Mr. G. agreed to listen to the song in the coming week to become better familiar with it.

7:55  Mr. Parsons bragged about choosing a song that everybody would know at a party, then pulled out America by Simon and Garfunkle.  Mr. P. responded that he had never heard the song before, and questioned Mr. Parsons opening statement.  Mr. G. admitted to knowing the song, but his association with the song was probably linked to exorbitant amounts of pot that was smoked in the early 70s.

8:02  Mr. Parsons and Mr. G. quarraled on the proper way to play a C/G chord.  During this quarrel, Mr. G. was heard to quote, "I don’t like how this [guitar club] is going already."  Mr. Parsons seemed to be egging Mr. G. on, uttering such insults as "guitar Nazi" under his breath.  Mr. P. admitted to feeling a little uncomfortable in this exchange, as both sides seemed to be lobbying him for support.

8:09:  Mr. Parsons finished his song and Mr. G. threw out his second selection of the night.  This time it was a ??? I forget the song, but as with Mr. G.’s opening number, I will add the song and the artist to the minutes when it comes to me…perhaps after I’ve consumed exorbitant amounts of pot.

8:10:  When Mr. Parsons began to play Mr. G.’s song before Mr. G. had properly introduced it, Mr. G. stopped playing, told Mr.Parsons firmly "This is My song."  and mumbled something about not wanting him to go "Juicy Fruit" on Mr. Parsons’ ass.

8:21:  Mr. G.’s second song ended.

8:22   Between bites of delicious chocolate chip cookies, (baked by Mr. Parsons) Mr. P. began his second song, "Graceful and Charming–Sweet Forget Me Not".  The song was enjoyed by all.

8:35   Mr. Parsons declared that he didn’t have any other songs.

8:36:  Mr. G. asked Mr. parsons for his recipe for chocolate chip cookies.  He declared that they would be great for when he got the munchies.  It was at this point that Mr. G.’s and Mr. Parson’s relationship seemed to improve, and the future of guitar club became more certain.

8:45:  Louise and Amy Andrews entered the room and began a discussion with Mr. Parsons concerning an unknown guitar player in St. John’s.

8:47:  Mr. P. and Mr. G. performed James Blunt’s much overplayed "Beautiful" while Mr. Parsons looked up above mentioned unknown St. John’s guitar player on the Internet.  Turns out that the guitar player’s name is Dwayne Andrews…not related to the above mentioned Mrs. or Ms Andrews, despite the comments made by Louise that suggested otherwise.

8:48:  While having a beer, all three members of guitar club threw out a medley of songs by artsist stuch as Tragically Hip, The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam and others, in a request to see what songs would be appropriate for next week.

9:24:  Twenty-four minutes late, the first official meeting of guitar club was adjourned, with the motion made to reconvene next Sunday, May 14th, 7:00 PM at XXXXXXXX (crescent / street/ etc.)