Rome - Day 1

September 24 We arrived in Rome at around 2:30 in the afternoon. We took a cheap flight from Bratislava, Slovakia on SkyEurope. Bratislava is only 1.5hours from Vienna, where we were visiting our friends Craig and Sabine. The cheap flights in Europe are awesome!!

We easily found our way to our hotel. We did not book most of our hotels in advance; however, we thought it would be wise to book ahead in Rome. We booked at City Guest House, an inexpensive hotel in a residential area of Rome. It was about a five minute walk to the metro and within 15 minutes we could be in the centre of the city. Normally my least favourite part of Italy is finding a place to sit down and eat a sensible breakfast. The Italians believe in standing up and downing an espresso in the morning and maybe devouring a pastry. Luckily the hotel where we stayed included a sit down breakfast, it included a coffee (cappucino for me), pastry and yogurt and granola (or your choice of cereal).

Just after we arrived, we took the metro to the "colosseum" stop and boy did they mean the colosseum stop. As soon as you walk outside of the metro, the colosseum is right in front of you, it was very overwhelming, you felt like you were in a different world. I don’t know how to describe Rome, I guess you will have to visit it for yourself. I knew there was a lot of historical stuff to see in Rome, but I did not realize how condensed everything was, it was totally amazing. I am not really into museums, but I definitely enjoy the real life historical remains…does that make sense? Along side the colosseum is the Roman Forum, which again,  was much more than I ever imagined. As we wandered around the forum, we fortunately hooked into a free tour given by an American who kept announcing "free tour if anyone wants to join." We followed him around the forum as he gave a detailed explanation. Of course, at the end, he put a plug in for his tour company, Roman Odyssey and told of other tours that would be happening throughout the week for a fee. It was a brilliant way to advertise and several people, including us, signed up for tours.

We made our way back to the hotel and had a nice supper…not at the under cover chinese restaurant (see earlier post, Listen to your gut).