Rome - Day 3

September 26, 2006 We made our way back to the colosseum bright and early (9:00). We decided to pay the entrance fee to go inside the colosseum and luckily we arrived before the masses of people started lining up. It was cool to see the inside of the colosseum, although the impressivenss of the structure strikes you more from the outside. Our ticket also allowed us entrance to the Palatino (Palatine Hill). Most of the Roman Emperors lived and ruled from on top of this hill and Romans considered it holy as it was the original site where Romulus and Remus settled. There are massive ruins located here.

We made our way back to Campo de’ Fiori and checked out the market again and ate lunch and people-watched for a while. Then we visited the trevi fountain, the largest of the Baroque fountains in Rome. People from all around the world visit this fountain and toss coins into it. This fountain has a legend associated with it, one current legend is that it is lucky to throw coins with one’s right hand over one’s left shoulder into the Trevi Fountain. According to wikipedia, the legend of the coin throwing is actually that if you throw one coin, you are ensured a return to Rome; two coins to get married; and three to get divorced! People were video taping their loved ones as they threw a coin in the fountain. They must make a fortune from the coin tossing.

We visited the spanish steps, which are considered one of the special sites to see in Rome. To be brutally honest, when I visited the stairs, I didn’t really know their significance - I have since read a bit about them. They were nice and architecturally pleasing and so on,  but by the time I saw them I sort of said "why are all of these thousands of people here visiting a set of stairs?" You just get so overwhelmed with all of the sites, it’s almost like they get sort of silly after a while and there are just soooo many people everywhere.

We chilled at Piazza Navona for a while and actually had a picnic supper in our hotel room!