Good-bye Rome, hello Sorrento

September 27, 2006 We left Rome bright and early, but luckily we timed it so we could still take advantage of our "free" breakfast at the hotel. We gobbled down our breakfast as soon as they opened at 7AM and then made our way to the metro, got off at the Termini stop and caught the 8:25 train to Naples. In Naples we caught the Circumsuviana train to Sorrento. The only thing we saw in Naples was the train station and I was more than happy with this. From the travel guides I had read, Naples did not really appeal to me, every book seemd to refer to it as an "urban jungle" or say things like "if you survive your day in Naples, reward yourself with a great piece of pizza." I am sure I could have survived the pizza, but I don’t know about the crazy city aspect.

Upon arrival in Sorrento (around noon), we made our way to the information centre and got a map and list of hotels. When we traveled in France in 2004, the hotel lists and maps were very organized and it was easy to tell where each hotel was located. In Italy, they give you a list of hotels with their addresses and a map (without a street guide), so it takes a bit of time figuring out where the hotels actually are on the map. We reviewed the hotel listing over lunch and quickly started our search. We first made our way to a hotel or b&b type place which had rooms for 45 euro a night. We had a look at the room and I wimped out. It was on the first floor, which I don’t particularly like, it was dirty, the woman who owned it sort of scared me, etc. As cheap or as "frugel" as I am at times, I decided that it was better to stay in a slightly more expensive place and feel good about it. I don’t know what was wrong with me on this day, I really struggled with that decision and had a minor breakdown - I think it was my only breakdown of our 3 week vacation. Poor old Jim was trying to figure out what was best as well - live with me stressing about money or live with me not being happy with a particular hotel room. We looked at another hotel that I deemed too expensive and then we finally settled on Hotel Nice, which again was slightly more than what we wanted to spend (90 euro including breakfast), but it was pretty cheap in Sorrento standards. We had a room on the top floor and it actually had 3 beds in the room, there was a double bed and two twin beds - in hindsight we should have rented out the twin beds to some fellow backpackers.

Sorrento is a small city, but it is full of tourists, it was actually much more touristy than we anticipated, although it was an enjoyble spot and it was a nice place to stroll around. There were lots of narrow, cobblestone streets filled with little shops.

For supper, we walked a fair distance to eat at a restaurant called Delphine (I think). It means dolphin. We had read a recommendation for this restaurant. Again, the restaurant definitely catered to tourists, but we sat outside overlooking the ocean and ate pasta and fish.